Meet Andrew Wright – Introducing PIC: Personalities

PIClogoFinalHow nice to be featured in the latest newsletter from Toronto’s Professional Independent Communicators (PIC). A subgroup of IABC/Toronto, PIC is a fantastic community of professionals, and a tremendous resource for independent communicators. Monthly meetings dish out professional development, networking opportunities and business development ideas aimed at independents .

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Meet Andrew Wright   

We now count more than 160 members in PIC, offering a range of talent from coaching and media relations to video production and writing. Do you know everyone? This new feature will introduce new members and randomly profile existing members.

Andrew Wright

We’re starting with a chat with recent new member Andrew Wright ofcawcreative. Andrew provides writing and editing services, social media and community management and corporate communications. Reach Andrew at or 647-873-9933.

When did you launch your business?After operating part-time for the past few years, I made the leap to full-time just over a year ago. It’s been a rewarding adventure ever since.

How did it come about? Going independent was a long-term goal. However, circumstances arose where I had a few ongoing clients and I decided I had to seize the opportunity. It has definitely been a push, but it made me realize very quickly what was possible and what I needed to do.

What’s your background?
I have a fairly diverse media background. I devoted most of my career to advertising and commercial television production. I sidelined this with marketing and communications contracts and freelance writing, which have since become my focus. I have training in professional writing and editing, and recently embarked upon a MA program in Professional Communication.

What do you enjoy most about being an indie?
I love the challenge, the constant learning, and directly realizing the rewards of your efforts. Independence attaches new meaning to everything you do and I find myself much more engaged in my work.

What advice would you give someone new to independent life?
Research and planning go a long way, but the best thing for me has been getting out there and getting social. Professional events, workshops and associations are important spaces for learning, networking and developing your business. Despite being independent, you really can’t do it alone.

How long have you been a PIC member?
I joined IABC about a year ago and discovered PIC a few months later. It was a pleasant surprise to connect with a welcoming community of professionals following similar paths.

Has PIC helped you so far? How?  
PIC has been fantastic on a number of levels. Meeting and associating with a group of talented experts has been a tremendous resource, especially for a newcomer. PIC’s monthly events are always topical and exceptionally informative. I’m always picking up good ideas that feed directly into my business and client work.