Andrew Wright

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Andrew Wright is a freelance copywriter and content creator. He is a champion of concise and targeted messaging, with a talent for crafting engaging communication assets that help organizations tell good stories.

Andrew has worked with localized enterprises, non-profit change-makers, and some of the world’s biggest brands. He has a soft spot for small businesses, social innovators, and groups making the world a better place.

Andrew helps clients develop and deliver content for their digital and print domains. He specializes in breaking down complex ideas into clear and compelling narratives that inspire thought and action.

His work includes site content, infographics, videos, presentations, blog posts and feature articles, ebooks, micro/social content, reports and long form content, and so much more.

He is passionate about visual culture and storytelling, and he knows a few things about marketing strategy and communication planning.

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recent client work:  Prudential, Emory University, Visa, JLL Real Estate, General Electric, Dun & Bradstreet, Kia Motors USA,, Plastiq, Castlight Health, National Geographic Wild, Spotify, Fox Television, Zettabox, Hatchett Publishing, Huddled Masses, American Express, Dell, Cigna, HP, Fuse, Chevrolet, Recognize App, NETGEAR, DNN Software, Level5 Strategy, Brightworks, YP Group, Ashlar Urban, VRX Studios…