editing services

professional editing services for print and web

what does this mean? it means organizing content structure so your readers can access the information they need with ease. it means cleaning up language, so that your message flows and your intended meaning is completely understood. it means picking out the fatal flaws (spelling and grammar) and saving your audiences from pain and distraction. it means ensuring that your messages are delivered with clarity and effective grace.

why should you care about editingpresentation is everything. effective and precise communication is all.

email  for project consultations. all questions welcomed and i look forward to discussing how professional editing can help your project.

what we do: 

  • structural editing      content organization, rewriting
  • stylistic editing           clarity, meaning, flow, smooth language
  • copy editing                correctness, consistency, accuracy, completeness,

       mechanics and punctuation, fact checking, mark-up, style guides

  • proofreading               final readings for accuracy and correctness

Andrew Wright is a member of the Editors’ Association of Canada, and adheres to EAC’S Professional Editorial Standards


Andrew Wright is a professional writer and editor. he lives for good copy, clean content, and engaging messages.
Andrew is a member of the International Association of Business Communicators, the Editors’ Association of Canadaand the Professional Writers Association of Canada.