Hootsuite Certified Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant I just finished up classes at Hootsuite University, and I am now a Certified Social Media Consultant!

Hootsuite University is actually a decent and clean program for folks working in the field. Certainly an accessible method to top-up on your social media skills and knowledge, and bolster your credentials slightly. The introductory courseware is basic, but I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of advanced level learning material available once you get in the door. Good reads and some original lecture material from some industry heavyweights. Topics include branding, social media listening, building social businesses, and an interesting section on best practices. Looking forward to digging in and sharing.

So do call if you’d me to share my certified expertise with you! If you haven’t set yourself up yet with Hootsuite, I’d be happy to tell you what you’re missing.

Click through to see my profile as a ‘social media consultant’, link here.