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Level 5A tremendous opportunity to work with Hua Yu of Level5 Strategy Group, and the Canada China Business Council. Our project surveyed Canadian business leaders who are pushing borders and expanding business opportunities into China. The strategies are diverse and the outcomes varied, but the understanding of globalization 2.0 is clear. The world is flat.


The article was published in CCBC’s annual publication: Canada China Business Forum.

The Flat World of Countless Opportunities: Stories of Canadian Globalization

The World is Flat. a decade has passed since Thomas Friedman first described the conditions of modern globalization. Friedman’s predictions of a borderless world continue to become increasingly true. New globalization represents a shift towards knowledge- based business models aided by the use of technology. We see this in the surge of global outsourcing, the rise of complex supply chains, and the extensiveness of open and collaborative global communication systems. The world now moves and connects in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Flat World of Countless OpportuntiesPDF: The Flat World of Countless Opportunities

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LEVEL5 is a management consulting firm based in Toronto and Shanghai. LEVEL5 provides branding strategy and business system advisory to drive branded business growth for clients.

The Canada China Business Council (CCBC) is the country’s Canada-China bilateral trade and investment facilitator, catalyst and advocate. CCBC provides unparalleled insight into Sino-Canadian trade and investment issues and develops connections that ensure its members’ business success.