Signs + Symbols = Five for Friday

Five for Friday. Signs and symbols that of interest, that are cool, that empower, inspire, and are worth checking out. Five of them. It’s Friday.

1. Patagonia’s Anti-Growth Strategy

From the New Yorker, J. B. MacKinnon discusses Patagonia’s curious, yet inspiring, campaign heralding an anti-consumption and anti-growth. I love this shit.


2. The Seven Deadly Digital Sins

XXXThey’re all here: greed, lust, envy, sloth, illegal downloads, fetish porn… This interactive collaboration, between the NFB and The Guardian, gets at the heart of morality in our digital and connected world. Big questions about what’s right, and where do we draw the line.

3. The Salt of the Earth

You should see this documentary. Made by Wim Wenders, this stunning visual journey follows the life and photographic legend of Sebastião Salgado. Salgado spent forty years traveling the world with his camera and documenting some of the most horrific and significant moments in our recent existence. Some poignant, haunting and beautiful shit.

Salt of The Earth

4. This Year in Hashtags

A scroll through of the most memorable hashtags of 2014, as creatively visualized by a selection of artists. Brought to you by


5. What The Internet Thinks About

“What if you saw the Internet’s most-read stories all at once. This infographic shows what the internet thinks about based on the most popular media.” Based on six trillion and social metrics analyzed by Ahref’s content explorer. Designed by Anna Vital.View the original at

What The Internet Thinks About